Speech by sponsor Younoussa Sanfo at the pre-launch of SwagPay.


Ladies and Gentlemen, in your titles, ranks and capacities,

I'm very honoured to be taking part in this event, which is a preview of the launch of the first, and I do mean the first, online payment platform in Burkina Faso to use local mobile wallets.

To tell you the truth, I'm also flattered that you've chosen me as patron of this exceptional event, which I support wholeheartedly.

Thank you very much.

To thank the ESI students

To thank those from ESTA, Université Aube Nouvelle

But also all those who came forward individually.

I would like to thank you again, because your presence enhances the sparkle of this ceremony and is undoubtedly a sign of your personal understanding of what will be presented, which will undoubtedly positively change our habits in commercial transactions. Thank you

I'd like to take this opportunity not only to thank, but also to congratulate the young but dynamic team at TICANALYSE for their effective understanding of the digital world.

They understood everything.

They understood that we were in Burkina Faso.

They have understood that digital technology is a powerful economic lever which, when properly harnessed, not only provides excellent jobs, especially for young people, but is also an unstoppable booster for any well-designed economic activity.

I'm sure you'll agree that today's production and consumption patterns are shaped more than ever by information and communication technologies (ICTs), the ability to function efficiently for both domestic and professional use.

Today, Africans have no reason, I was going to say no excuse, to lag behind the so-called developed countries.

It has been 20 years since the Internet was opened to the public in Burkina Faso. In fact, it was on 19 March 1997 that the people of Burkina Faso gained public access to the global information and communication superhighway. What have we done with this resource over the past 20 years? I stand by my question!

For TICANALYSE, the parent company of BeoogoLAB that you know so well, the answer is quite simple.

Money plays a central role in everyday life, and they hypothesised that changes in payment methods were likely to have an impact on relationships between people, between the customer and the merchant.

They then observed how money is stored, bought, paid for, transported, delivered and received - in short, how it is used in Burkina Faso in commercial transactions between customers, suppliers and third parties.

It was unanimously agreed that BURKINA Faso is in the pre-Internet payment era. They therefore launched a project called "SwagPay", named after the newly designed platform that will be offered to players who distribute, sell, receive and use money, but all on the Internet, which is not far from reaching maturity in Burkina Faso.

They have dreamed for days, months and years of a payment method that has SWAG. And they've done it.

Welcome to the next big thing - SwagPay

Whether you are involved in e-commerce, local retail or mass consumption, you and TICANALYSE are pursuing the same objective: to make payments more fluid so that they are faster, more convenient and more secure for all users.

To conclude this speech, I would like to wish every success to the work of this hackathon, which I hope will strengthen the security of the first online payment platform in Burkina Faso.

With that, I declare today the pre-launch of "SwagPay".

                                                                                   Thank you very much